Ruth Moore

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, World Grand Champion Equestrian

Defying All Odds – Getting Back in the Saddle


For more than 45 years, Ruth has been the ‘good woman behind a good man’ to her husband Larry Moore. But, she has also been a devoted mother, avid equestrian and a business professional working with the likes of Senator Harold Caskey.


After receiving her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Webster University in 2000, Ruth took a Community Relations Coordinator position with the school.  Her background in education served her well in this position for 7 years even after she had an adverse reaction to the flu shot in 2005 and became paralyzed. That same year she became a first-time grandmother.


Ten years of tests at locally and nationally acclaimed health facilities like Johns Hopkins, and the Mayo Clinic followed. She eventually received a diagnosis and treatment plan from Dr. Dana Winegarner with the Mid-America Neuroscience Institute Rowe for Transverse Myelitis - a rare inflammatory disease causing injury to the spinal cord with varying degrees of weakness and sensory alterations.


Told she would never walk or ride a horse again, Ruth was determined to defy all odds.


Today, Ruth has overcome many obstacles. She is back in the saddle – a place where she has always felt comfort. Since her diagnosis, she has won three World Grand Champion titles, has added five grandchildren to her Grandma title and makes it a point to keep active.


Ruth credits her medical care and love from her family to her resilience.  Her family credits her stubbornness and her philosophy of mind over body.